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How many AP classes do I have to take in order to make it to Ivy League. Please do not judge this is a very curious question. All you have to do is tell me the number of ap's i have to take and why? DO NOT JUDGE!!!!

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    There is no set answer, Laruen. The important thing is to pass the AP exam after you've taken the class. Remember, AP classes (Advanced Placement) are college level classes. Students who pass the end of year exam for an AP class earn college credit for that class.

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    Oh I thought thre was more advanced classes for high school level. I didn't know that.

    But are honors and regents classes are ok?

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    Of course.

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    ok just making sure. So i may end up being in honors and regents.

    I found this program called The National Society of High School Scholars. It's very interesting I'm going to do this at high school but I have to read more in that website.

    Thank You tho for answering my question!!! :) I kno i kno for now concertrate on my 7th grade classes which I sm. Just got my progress report my teachers says some really (no joke) great things about me.

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