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I'm just VERY curious and I had been thinking about this questions for few weeks. What degree do I get for art and writing?????

Please do not judge!!! I had been thinking about this questions for a few weeks.

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    For writing, the first degree is Bachelor's of Arts (BA). For art, you may get a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Both degrees take four or five years of college.

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    Oh Ok. I thought it was Master but I was wrong.

    Thank You for telling me!!! :)

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    A Masters degree is earned after another year or two of study after the Bachlor's degree.

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    Oh ok

    Thank You!!! :)

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    You're welcome.

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    I done some research it says that there is a Bachelor degrees in Creative Writing. So I'm pretty much going to have 2 degrees.

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    You can only earn one bachelor's degree at a time. With a Bachelor's of Arts (BA), s student could have a major of creative writing.

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    but im taking some coures relating to art AND writing.

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