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Today, while I was at the library during 7th period (in my class we were going to the library) I saw this award my library teacher have. It says Disey Planet Challenge. I asked my libaray teacher about it and she said it's a huge compitetion. You see in some schools like in some classes, they have to do a project that is pretty much helping the evironment and they have to make a digtial portfilio talking about and telling what they did on their project. I winnner earns something (srry I forgot). And since I'm doing my orgazation project on recyling I want to use it for the compietion. Ok so I talked to my library teacher she said as my science teacher and other science teacher. When I talked to one of them they said they did this project with the library teacher and we worked really hard (even tho they lost, my library teacher said that she is never doing this again because she done too much work, they done this last year. Anyways I told her about my project and she said I should join evironenteal club and she is going to help me and her club members. She said they can do what I want and said I'm in charge.

So I got some ideas:

- each of the club members should bring ANY recyling items they have
- each one of them will receive a long on how many recyling items
- we can mention this on the anoocement for other who want to help
- and if we win or be on the winner's for the contest I think we should throw a huge party (for the entire school), music, food, maybe a small concert (people in my school who have talent), and fun games like a carnavil.
- if we don't win then in the club we can throw a small party for trying and working hard, we can reviece certifcates, food (something small), nice music, and some fun games.

Do you think this is a good idea. If I do this, this will help the evironment PLUS this will look PERFECT for my college application in order to make it to Yale and that art school.

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    This looks like a great idea! :-) Good luck with it!

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    Thank You!!! :)
    PS: Plus we should make some signs with boxes saying please recylle and some of those we live right near them can get them and bring them to the school. Every monday they can bring the items since our meeting it every monday. The party is going to be at the end of the school year.

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