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Mildy basic potassium permanganate reacted
with 1.25g of contaminated zinc granules to produce zinc hydroxide and solid manganese(iv)oxide.suppose 20.5ml of 0.050Molar of potassium permanganate completely reacted with contaminated zinc granules,how many moles of potassium permanganate were in 20.5ml.(B)what was the mass of zinc granules used in this reaction

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    3Zn + 2MnO4^- ==> 2MnO2 + 3Zn(OH)2 You an finish balancing.

    (a) mol MnO4^- = M x L = ?
    (b) Use the coefficients in the balanced equation to convert mol MnO4^- to mol Zn. That should be (but check to make sure my balanced equation is correct),
    mol MnO4^- x (3 mol Zn/2 mol MnO46-) = ?mol MnO4^- x (3/2) = ? mol Zn.
    Then g Zn = mol Zn x molar mass Zn.

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