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I was reading my school district program of studies and I found this section in for high school coures.

- English 9H
- Integrated Algebra A
- Earth Science
- Global History and Geography I or H
- French Beg. 1
- Orchestra (a days)/ Health (b days)
- Studio Art I
- African American Studies (1st term)/ Psychology (2nd term)

Will this help me get into Yale????

I get staright 100's and 90's in ss.
English straight 100's
math staright 80's 90's and some 100's
after i hav spanish beg. 1 in gr 8th (since i don't hav spanish this yr) im going 2 tak french beg. 1 in gr 9th
orchestra i want to continue
same thing for art
other classes i'm interest.

so will these classes will help me get to yale?????

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    I'm not going to have lunch in hs because I had this talk with my mom and uncule saying that if i tak lunch a lot in hs i won't b able to gradute hs and it's not going to help me get into college. She also said that in one of my classes i can eat my lunch there.

  • 9th Grade Classes -

    Don't count on eating lunch in class. I wouldn't let my students do this. It's a health hazard and distracting from your real purpose in school -- to get an education!

    Of course you can graduate from high school if you take a lunch period.

    The best way to get into any tough college is to take the hardest classes you can. You may have to postpone taking easy classes until they fit into your schedule later in high school.

    Next year, talk with your teachers or your counselor about the best high school classes for you.

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    Also -- don't skip lunch. If you do, you won't be able to study very efficiently. Hungry people don't learn very well.

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    Yeah you have a bit like my dad always told me to eat breakfeast before going to school. Ok like one time in the first week on school when we was celbrating the 9/11 (singing outside and stay quiet and someone tells a speech) and some boy in my music class fatted and they called 911. It had something to do with not eating in the morning i told my dad about it and he said if you don't want that to happen to you you have to eat.

    Anyways my mom been to my hgh school (well we had to high schools but the one she went I'm not really going, going to another high schol in this district) and she said that they aloud her to eat in class.

    So are these classes are good to go to Yale????

    I may be in 5 honors (one for art, orchestra, english, math, and ss)

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    Of course, your dad is right! :-)

    I can't judge whether these classes are right for you. I don't know your choices. Your counselor will be able to advise you next year.

    You could consider taking art classes at your local art center.


    Another option that some students choose is to take one or two online classes that are recommended by their high school. Be sure to discuss taking online classes with your counselor!!!

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    Oh yeah I know that.

    I'm planning on taking that but in order for me to gradute I have to have 1 credit I can do that for extra credit. I'll talk to my counselor. I'm planning on going to some programs like Collge and career center (they have that in my district), wise program, ap sumer Program, and this college credit programs called: Part Time, Non-Matriculated, full time Matriculate early admission, ap courses, and project advance - syracuse university.

    anyways is there any info. about taking online classes in high school. Because like i have a a lot of questions for you to answer but instead you give me the info for me which will answer all of my questions.

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    I don't know what online classes are approved by your high school.

    In the meantime, concentrate on getting the best grades you can in 7th grade. You have a ways to go before you get 99% in every class!!

  • 9th Grade Classes -

    I'm doing tons of extra credit anyway so my goal is to get a 99 or a 100 average.

    I'll ask my conselor in 8th grade (before the year in over).

    Thank You Ms. Sue!!!!! :)

    Now I'm going to look some classes to take in 10-12 and tell you if it's good to make it to Yale next year (8th grade is a good year to ask because it the year before my year to high school).

    Good-Bye! :)

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    i don't understand about u.s. and canada. :-(

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