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american history

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I strayed about among the groves ( trees). which present the most enchanting sight ever witnessed... the trees as different from those of out country as day is from night, and the same may be said of the fruit, the wees, the stones, and everything else... I assure your Highnesses that these lands are the most fertile, temperature ( moderate), level, and beautiful countries in the world.

1. Is this a primary source about Columbus' first voyage to america?
yes or no

2. Based on a definition of " primary source," explain the reason for your answer in part 1.

3. who is columbus addressing in the last sentence of this passage ( this is, to whom does " your Highnesses" refer?)

4. What is Columbus' attitude towards the lands he is describing?

5. Quote a phrases from the passage above that supports your answer to 4.

6. Would Columbus have had a reason for making the islands out to be more attractive than they actually were? explain why.

  • American history -

    I'll get you started.

    1. Yes.

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

  • american history -

    3)king Ferdinand the second and queen Isabella

    4)he's describing how theblabd is different from his and as hes seeing its different, he sees potential and how useful it could be for the queen.

    5) "trees are different from those of our country as day is from night" "these lands are the most fertile, temperate [moderate], level, and beautiful countries in the world"

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