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find the product: (4k to the 5th power)(-2k)to the 3rd power. 5th power is inside the parenthesis and the 3rd is outside the parenthesis.
Is it -32k to the 8th power or -32k to the 2nd power?

  • pre-algebra -

    4^5 k^5 (-2)^3 k^3
    1024(-8) k^8
    -8196 k^8

    Now, if you meant
    Then you do indeed have

    When you have minus signs in the coefficient, they do not affect the exponents. Multiplying powers means add exponents. To get k^2 = k^(5-3), you'd have to have

    = -4/8 k^2

    Then you'd have to take a negative power of 2, as well, making it a fraction.

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