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The world can be divided into West (Occident) and East (Orient)
Describe the origins of this division, and
How are they...
different in culture?
and religion?

Thanks for any and all help!!!

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    It doesn't give me any information about culture, language or religion?
    I could have looked it up on wikipedia myself, but I was looking for a more credible source.
    I thought this site was run by teachers and tutors.

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    Yes, we are teachers and tutors. However, the question you asked looks like your instructor wants you to consolidate what you've learned about the East and the West.

    First, which continents do you consider Occident and Orient? What about Africa?

    There are many differences in languages (hundreds in the Eastern Hemisphere alone) and many different religions. In the Orient, we have Japan, Vietnam, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, etc., each with its own cultures, religions, and languages.

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