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I am supposed to choose from pronom indirect (indirect pronouns), and pronom disjoint (stressed pronuons). Naturally, if you had an answer for the question, you'd know what those meant, but I just thought I should give a better idea of my level of understanding...

Anyway, the sentence in question is the following:

"Je ____ montre l’appartement. (aux amis)"

I have no idea what it's asking for, because I know that "aux amis" means "with friends," but it wouldn't take nous or me... am I wrong to assume this is where one would use an indirect pronoun?

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    I sent the link to this post to SraJMcGin.

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    It is asking for the indirect object pronoun "to them" as in "I show/do show/am showing the apparement to them." the direct object is "l'appartement" and the indirect noun is "aux amis" so Here is the sentence:
    Je leur montre l'appartement. (aux amis = clarifies the indirect object pronoun)

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    Q1. complete with the, for, without, with, for: -
    1. It parle___________ the court.

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