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pre calculus

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graph the function below. Determine the domain, range and horizontal asymptote. f(x) = -(3/4)^x - 1

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    as with all exponentials, the domain is all real numbers.

    All exponential curves look basically alike. If n > 1, n^x curves up to the right.

    If n < 1 the graph curves down to the right.

    n^x always has the x-axis as an asymptote.

    Note that n must be positive, since n^x = e^(x ln n) and ln is not defined for n<0.

    So, the above graph looks like e^-x, but is flipped upside down because of the negative sign.

    Then the graph is shifted down one unit, so it has y=-1 as the asymptote.

    It rises steeply from the left, goes through (0,-1) and approaches the line y = -1 from below.

  • pre calculus -- oops -

    sorry - goes through (0,-2)

  • pre calculus -

    It's ok figured that out on my own :)

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