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Pre-Calc-Please check answer

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1.Write 4+6+8+10 in sigma notation:
I came up with sigma in the middle
3 on top
j=0 on the bottom
2n+4 to the right of the signma sign

2. Find the 10th term of the sequence
-1/5,-1/20,-1/80 this was a geometric sequence so I said a(subscript10) = -1/5*1/4^(10-1)
=-1/5*(1/4)^9 = -1/5*1/2621444
= -1/1310702

  • Pre-Calc-Please check answer -

    Should be sigma sign not signma sign

  • Pre-Calc-Please check answer -

    1. either have n=0 under the sigma, or use (2j+4) as the summand.

    2. good work, but
    4^9 = 262144. you have an extra 4.

    1/5 * 1/262144 = 1/1310720

    that dyslexia will get you every time. I noticed it right off, because no multiple of 5 ends in 2 :-)

    did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshiper? He sold his soul to Santa.

  • Pre-Calc-Please check answer -

    Thank you-I see where I made the mistake

    Funny!! I like that!

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