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Did the quebec separatists had a reasonable complaint with federal government and rest of Canada?

Would that be true because they not respecting their culture. They only giving importance to their own culture and not caring about French.

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    That is a matter of opinion. You're opinion is probably what a majority of Canadians believe.

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    ms. sue you also think same or not?

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    I agree with you.

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    i saying this because if my culture not being respected then i not take step to violence but i probably support those people because i want my culture to spread , i want it to be given importance and want it offically accepted if that make any sense.

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    The problem for the Quebecois is which culture they accept. Many of them feel much more involved with the native French Quebecois culture than they do with the Canadian culture. It seems to me that they've accomplished some of their goals by making Canada bilingual and electing members of Parliament.

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    Yes i agree with that and just learned that word bilingual today and it mean two languages right?

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    The question you have raised will make excellent debates in schools, among politicians, and among provinces. Unfortunately there is no black and white single answer. It depends on who gives the opinion, and probably where the person resides.

    As Ms Sue said, it is a matter of personal opinion.

    As you probably know, Quebec is the only province in Canada which has French (only) as its official language. New Brunswick adopts two official languages, and the remaining provinces and territories have English as the official language.

    It is obvious that the language majority of each province would not want to see the language being eroded.

    This is especially true in Quebec, where the "nationalists", as they call themselves instead of separatists, claim that French speaking minorities should be protected from the sea of English speakers in North America. Without the required protection, French will all but disappear from North America, as it did in Lousiana a century ago. Today, we still recognize the French culture from place names like Lafayette, Baton Rouge, etc.

    There are "colonies" of French speaking population in various parts of Canada, such as Manitoba, Sudbury, and many parts of Eastern Ontario. It has been feared that the French language and culture outside of Quebec will disappear if insufficient protection is provided by the Canadian. Protection could imply services in the French language, schools, health-care, judicial system, etc.

    The Official Languages Act was one big step in the right direction. Whether enough has been, or will be done is obviously debated among politicians.

    To grasp the subject well, it will be necessary to understand quite a few of the historical and political aspects related to Canadian history.

    Thank you for bringing up an interesting discussion.

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    Thank you very much MathMate for your input =D

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    I think him also. His perspective as a Canadian is welcomed!

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