Extra Credit Projects

posted by Lauren

I'm doing some extra credit projects for all of my classes (maybe gym idk). Is there any extra credit ideas I can do for the following classes: English, Math (something small), Fine Art, Social Studies, and Gym. Science I got it covered (doing 2 huge extra credit projects).

I really want my grade to be high.


Thank You!!!!!

  1. Amber

    Create a scrapbook for english , it's very fun and exciting !

  2. Ms. Sue

    Only your teachers can decide if a project is worth extra credit points.

  3. Lauren

    Ms. Sue, this is MY IDEA, I ask my teachers they said yes!

  4. Ms. Sue

    The best extra credit projects, in my opinion, go along with and add to the knowledge you're gaining in class.

    For English, you could compare and contrast a story you've read for an assignment with another story that you've read on your own.

  5. Lauren

    oh english I just thought of ideas

    - write a letter to author saying like how good was the book and stuff
    - book report
    that's it

    what about math and social studies

    fine art i can think of something

  6. Ms. Sue

    What are you studying in math and social studies now?

  7. Lauren

    in math we are still in our numbers and operation unit

  8. Lauren

    social studies we are learning something about the pilgrims and something like jamestown (and more, just forgot)

  9. Ms. Sue

    I don't have any suggestions for math.

    However, for social studies, here are a couple of suggestions.

    Read a book about this time period and report on it. Ask your librarian for help. This list will also give you some ideas.


    One of my favorites was Johnny Tremain byEsther Forbes.

    A visual project could be to make a model of a colonial building or village. You could do it in a shoe box. One of the most awesome projects I've ever seen was a model made of sugar cubes.

  10. Lauren

    Thank You!!!

    I'll google ideas for math

  11. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome.

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