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I left out these last few sentences. I urgently need you to check them. Thank you.

1) Completely cut off from social life, his characters develop an exceptional acuteness of the senses which makes them lose their sanity.
2) Another common theme of the tales is that of perverseness, which characterizes the narrators’ personality.
3) All the narrators seem to be dominated by emotions, but above all by a perverse impulse to dissolution (annihilation) which leads them to act as they should not act and to confess their crime in the end.
4) Poe believes (or believed?) that this impulse, which is hidden in every material and spiritual portion of the universe, rules the dark side of human behaviour.
5) Linked to the theme of perverseness in that of the double, which foreshadows the modern idea of “split personality”.

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    2) two or more narrators = "narrators’ "
    but only one narrator = narrator's

    4) believes in the tale
    believed when he wrote the tale

    5) in that OR is th at of the double?


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