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I have some questions about using ser or estar

1.If I am from a place I would use soy and if I am in a place I would use estoy like Yo soy or Yo estoy??
2.If I'm saying you are sick, I would use estás-form of estar?
3.¿Dónde están ellos? Correct?

Spanish - Mary Beth, Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 3:17pm
Sorry the post is so odd but I couldn't actually post the Yo soy de Brazil or Yo estoy en Brazil for the first two or the other two where I asked if you were enfermo would I use the estar form

  • Spanish-Please check -

    1l, 2., 3., = all YES.

    For the last question = yes, as well.


    P.S. The difference between "ser" and "estar"

    SER & ESTAR:


    Estar is used to express:

    Location or position.
    Temporary change from a normal state or condition.
    (With common adjectives such as: caliente, cansado (-a), contento (-a_, frío (-a), limpio (-a), lleno (-a), ocupado (-a), sucio (-a), triste) EXCEPTION: feliz takes ser.
    Result of an action, with past participles.
    Continuous action, with present participle.


    Ser is used to express:

    Characteristics of a more permanent nature.
    Origin, possession and material, with “de”
    Occupations and nationalities.
    Time and dates.
    Impersonal expressions.
    Actions with past participles.

    NOTE: Some adjectives may be used with either “estar” or “ser” but the meaning changes.
    Alberto es bueno (malo). = Albert is good (bad).
    Alberto está bueno (malo). = Albert is well (ill).

    Alberto es pálido. = Albert is pale complexioned.
    Alberto está pálido hoy. = Albert is (seems) pale today.

    Alberto es listo. = Albert is clever.
    Alberto está listo. = Albert is ready.

    Adjectives used with “ser” or “estar” must agree with the subject in number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine).

    María está cansada. = Mary is tired.
    Son ricos. = They are rich.


  • Spanish-Please check -

    Thank you for the explanation-it was really helpful-I'm not so confused anymore-thanks again

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