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The vapor pressure of pure water at 25 degrees Celsius is 23.77 mm Hg. What is the vapor pressure, in mm Hg, of water above a solution that is 1.5m glucose, C6H12O6?

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    Is that 1.5m or 1.5M glucose? It makes a difference.
    Find moles glucose.
    Find mole water.
    XH2O = moles water/total moles.
    PH2O = XH2O x 23.77

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    It is 1.5m (molality)

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    How do you calculate the moles of water with only the information given?

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    It's 1.5 m which means 1.5 moles glucose in 1 kg solvent.
    moles glucose = 1.5
    moles in 1000 g H2O = 1000/18.015 = ??
    Then XH2O = moles H2O/total moles.

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