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I posted a question about nationality before-thank you for the answer
Also are these correctly done?
1.Juan Gabriel
Juan Gabriel es mexicano.
2.Carlos Vives
Carlos Vives es colombiano.
3.Julio Iglesius y Enrique Iglesias son espanoles.
4. Samantha es colombiana.
5.Fidel Castro es cubano.
6.Jerry Rivera es puertorriqueno.I think there is a squiggley over the (n) correct??
Hugo Chavez es venezolano.

  • Spanish -

    3. tilde on the "n" = españoles

    6. yes, as there is here: puertorriqueño

    Chávez = another accent mark.

    If you don't know how to make accent marks with the computer, I need to know 2 things: 1) do you have a PC or a Mac and 2) do you have Windows or not.


  • Spanish-Thank you -

    I do the accent marks through spanishtypeit and forgot when I copied this to put the few in and then wasn't sure if they needed them-thank you for your help

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