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I'm making My Future College Binder. Here are the sections below.

- Grades/Report Cards/Progress Reports
- New Life Checklists (just list og goals and things to do at my school year and home and things NOT to do, at the end of the school year I grade it)
- Calendar

I just have 2 questions to ask you guys.

1. Is there any more sections I should add to it????
2. I'm making this checklist on ways to maake it to Yale and like is there anymore I should add???

Here is what I got so far

- GOOD Essay
- Perfect Scored on SAT's and ACT's
- Perfect GPA, 4.0 (or higher)
- Good Awards
- Do Activites that are outside from school and at school

I can't think of any thing else

I'm really sorry I had been bothering you guys but this really important to me. I'm soo sorry :(

I do this plan books it will really help. BTW I'm doing very WELL right now, my parents are very proud of me that I'm working hard and I never give up my dream.

Please answer those 2 questions.

Thank You!!!!

  • Plan Book -

    for my binder I'm putting my grades for grade 7th-12th and stuff I did in those grades. I don't care if Yale is not looking at my middle school grades, no matter what grade I'm in I ALWAYS WORK HARD.

  • Plan Book -

    Those are great ideas! I'm glad to see yo so focused! Keep up the good work.

  • Question -

    But is there any more I should add?????

  • Plan Book -

    At this time, it's all I can think of. As time goes on, you may decide to add more. For now, it's excellent!

  • Plan Book -

    Ok. Your right, right now I'm thinking of more and MORE.

    Thank You!!! :)
    PS: I'm looking some books that could also help me to get into Ivy League schools.

    You see I knew this tool will help! :)

    Thank You again!!! :)

  • Plan Book -

    Also in 8th grade (during the summer after 8th grade) I'm applying to this summer program called NYSSSA School Of Visual Arts but I have to send a application and my portfiloi of I have to get accept :).

    I'm looking for more and more summer porgrams and some that can give more 1 credit for high school.

  • Plan Book -

    Here is what I got some the site

    2012 School of Visual Arts: June 30– July 27

    Click here for pictures from the 2011 School of Visual Arts

    Click here for the 2012 School of Visual Arts one page flyer

    The School of Visual Arts wants you to experience life as a working artist next summer. This New York State Summer School of the Arts program is specifically designed to emphasize art experiences that cannot normally be undertaken during a 45-minute school period. You will work in the studio with drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, figure, and interdisciplinary arts under the direction of noted exhibiting artists/educators. Related activities will include drawing and painting from a live model, trips to farms and lakes in the area, and experience with art processes that include welding, casting, direct carving, modeling life-size objects in clay, and experimenting with a variety of printmaking techniques.

    In addition to pursuing direct art processes, you will have the unique opportunity to work and live with 95 other student artists on an attractive college campus and to establish career goals while sharing in this rewarding precollege program. Because of the in-depth experience and number of class hours this program provides, students are more than fulfilling the requirements for one full unit of high school credit. Appropriate documentation is sent at the close of the program.

    Studio and residential spaces are provided at SUNY Fredonia , a public comprehensive college offering a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, including a BFA in Art with concentrations in areas such as sculpture, animation/illustration, ceramics, drawing/painting, graphic design, media arts and photography.

    Application Process
    Quick Links:
    [Application Forms]
    [Selection Sites]

    To apply to the School of Visual Arts, you must be a New York State student currently enrolled in grades 8 through 12. You must complete the Application Form and must also write a brief statement about your artwork and what you would like to learn from the School of Visual Arts. Please mail your application to the address on the form at least one week before the regional selection drop off date. You must bring to the regional selection site the following:
    •a portfolio of your art work
    •a completed copy of the Portfolio Contents Form attached firmly to the outside of the portfolio
    •the Portfolio Rating Form should be attached to the inside of the portfolio.
    You must submit a portfolio or red rope envelope containing at least ten, but not more than fifteen, completed works for review by the regional selection committee. Large paintings, framed paintings, sculpture, and ceramic pieces should be presented through photographs or slides (with at least two views of three-dimensional pieces).

    All of your artwork must fit within the portfolio. Portfolios containing artwork which extends beyond the dimensions of the portfolio will not be accepted. Each of your works should be clearly numbered and marked with your name and high school. We strongly encourage students to submit artwork from direct observation. Included in the submission should be a self-portrait from observation (not a photograph). We encourage you to submit your sketchbooks. Slides and small photos should be placed in an envelope and taped to the inside of the portfolio. As part of the Application form, students must write a brief statement about their art work and what they would like to learn from our NYSSSA School of Visual Arts program.

    Note: Maximum Portfolio Size: 31” × 42”
    Portfolios should be hand delivered to any one of the regional Selection Sites during the time period specified on the schedule of Selection Sites. If you are unable to hand-deliver art work to a regional site, you may send your portfolio to Albany.
    Return of Artwork:
    You may pick up your portfolio at the regional Selection Sites during the dates listed on the schedule. Portfolios sent to Albany will be returned to your school by United Parcel Service. All students will be notified of the regional committee's decision by mail in April.

    Note: Every precaution will be taken in handling student art work. However, the sponsoring organizations cannot assume responsibility for work at regional Selection Sites or in transit. Every effort will be made to see that your work is protected and returned to you intact.

    Tuition and Financial Aid
    Quick Links:
    [Tuition Aid Form]

    The School of Visual Arts will hold its annual four-week program from
    June 30 to July 27, 2012. Total cost of tuition, room, and board will be $2,000.

    NYSSSA's summer programs are open to all New York State students currently enrolled in grades 8 through 12 who qualify through the audition process. Tuition, room, and board costs should not discourage any talented young artist from auditioning. A student who auditions is under no obligation to attend and every effort will be made to allocate suitable financial aid.

    We want any talented young artist who is accepted through our audition process, regardless of his or her ability to pay for the school, to be able to attend, so tuition assistance is available. Tuition assistance forms are mailed to students after the audition process. NYSSSA awards financial assistance based upon individual need.

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