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Convert to degrees: (5pi/8)
How would I do this?

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    π radians = 180°
    1 radian = 180/π °
    5π/8 radians = (180/π)(5π/8)° = 112.5°

    Qick way: think of the π as 180°
    so 180 * 5/8 = 112.5

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    If I was converting radians to degrees would it be degrees x pi/180?

    Convert to radians: 180 degrees.
    So would the answer be 144pi/180?
    Which is 2.513?

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    no, 180° is π radians, memorize that.

    so for any degree conversion to radians
    multiply by π/180
    e.g 60°
    = 60(π/180) radians = π/3 radians

    to convert x radians to degrees --- > x (180/π)
    to convert y degrees to radians ----> y (π/180)

    e.g. π/6 radians = π/6(180/π) ° = 30°
    45° = 45 (π/180) radians = π/4 radians

    If you take the formula which I gave you above and told you to memorize
    π radians = 180°

    divide by π ----> 1 radian = 180/Ø degrees
    if I divide by 180 ----> 1° = (π/180) radians

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