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I have this worksheet for science tonight for homework and I really need help. The title of it is How Living Things Are Organzied.

1. A smallest unit of stucture and function in a living thing is called a(n) ______________________________________________________________________________

2. A tissue is a group of a similar "cells" working together (the one in "" is my answer, am I correct???)

3. An organ is a group of different "tissues" working together to do a job (am i correct, the one in "" is my answer)

4. a group of different tissues working together to do a special job is called a(n) ______________________________________________________________________________

5. You heart and lungs are examples of ___________________________

6. Many organs working together to do a speacial job form a(n) ______________

7. Your skeletion is an example of a(n)________________

8. The job of the circulatory system is to bring __________ and _________ to all the cells in the body.

9. A living thing that carries out its own life activites is called a(n) ___________

10. All the organ system work together to allow the __________________ to live.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!


Is there any info that can help me answer all of these questions.

  • Science 7R (help!!!!) -

    Laruen -- Jiskha tutors do not do homework!! We do not want to deprive you of a vital part of your education.

    Study your book carefully, and I'm sure you'll find your answers. If you post your answers, I'll be glad to check them for you.

    P.S. You'll never get to Harvard or Yale if you let someone else do your homework.

  • Science 7R (help!!!!) -

    I didn't say DO MY HOMEWORK Ms. Sue!

    I said if there any INFO. that can help me find the ANSWER by MYSELF.

  • Science 7R (help!!!!) -

    NEVER MIND MS. Sue! Just forget it, I'll find it myself then, I'm not going to waste anytime so I just use thoses other websites I rememberd. But I'll post my answer here to see if I'm correct.

  • help!!!! -

    Ms. Sue, I can't find the answers. I tried and tried finding it but I can't. I used my notes doesn't say it (we started learning about this about idk 2 days besides we took less notes). I used my textbook but not enough info.

    Please Help!!!!

  • Science 7R (help!!!!) -

    I'm sure these answers are in your text book.

  • Science 7R (help!!!!) -

    Never mind Ms. Sue, my dad help me and I googled the question to find the answers!

  • Science 7R (help!!!!) -

    The textbook didn't had that much info. @ all! (a little) besides tommrrow my science teacher is going to go over it (she always go over our homework and explains it for us to understand).

  • Science 7R (help!!!!) -

    Good. Now you're learning to be a real student! :-)

  • Science 7R (help!!!!) -

    I don't learn I'm already a real student!

  • Science 7R (help!!!!) -


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