Algebra 2

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Class is a college level math prep.
Sorry for previous post being incomplete.

I'm thinking:




xln-2xln(12)= 2ln+3ln(12)

and not sure

  • Algebra 2 -

    Your notation is incorrect.
    "2ln" doesn't mean anything

    By definition, ln(e^k) = k
    so, let's start over:

    e^(x-2) = 12^(2x+3)

    take ln of both sides:

    x-2 = (2x+3) ln 12
    x - 2 = 2ln12 x + 3ln12
    x(1 - 2ln12) = 2 + 3ln12

    x = (2 + 3ln12)/(1 - 2ln12)

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