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$$$$ Help!

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Ok I'm entering this contest and like the winner earns 5,000 mercindise and more (it's a long to explain). In the contest we had to work in a team of 3 or more so me and my other 3 friends are working together and like we are deciding if we did win the $$$ like how are we going to slit it so each of use gets the money. We did the math it was a repeating decimal but that doesn't help.

Please help

Thank You!!!

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    When I divide 5,000 by 4 I get $1,250.

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    So we get $1,250 each???

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    Yes. Now -- work hard and WIN this contest.

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    I am I got it covred and all set!!! :) :) :)

    Thanks because my friends did the math wrong I'm going to tell them tommrrow at school.

    Thank You Ms. Sue!!!!!!!!! :)

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    You're welcome, Laruen.

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    I hope like the contest doesn't involve like using good English or like that. If it does, like you are like never gonna like make it.

    especially if you can't like divide 5000 by 4.

    that's what me and my like friends like think...

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