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what are two different word phrases for the expression t/30 ?

  • algebra -

    t divided by 30

    30 times another number equals t

  • algebra -

    what is two different word phrases for the expression t-30

  • algebra -

    What is b__8 help me

  • algebra -

    Idk It Looks like Divide then Multiply

  • algebra -


  • algebra -

    maybe t divided by 30 and 30 times t

  • algebra -

    maybe t divided by 30 and 30 times t...?

  • algebra -

    Thirty divided by T

  • algebra/math -

    What is the word expression for t-13?

  • algebra1 -

    i doodoo nut geet ite

  • algebra -

    t split into 30 parts and t divided by 30
    are the answers

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