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okay heres the question and the answer I have, but Im not sure its right because the values seem way too high to interpet what it means..:
Data: 63.4,65.0,64.4,63.3,54.8,64.5,60.8,49.1,51.0
"Assume that these observations on SRS from the late Cretaceous atomsphere; (data are % nitrogen from measurements of amber specimens taken from the late Cretaceous era) Do these data give good reason to think that the % of Nitrogen in the air during that time is different from the present 78.1%? Carry out a test of significance at the alpha level of 1%.
My Answer:
Ho:Mu=0 Ha: Mu>0
Xbar=59.59, Sx=6.255, n=9,DF=8 MuX=78.1
T=-8.8776? which gives Table A3 value based on 8 DF=3.355.. this seems off to me... :-(

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