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Determine the [H3O+]. Are these solutions acidic or basic?
a. [OH-]=7.0x10^-8 a. [H3O+]= acidic or basic?

b. 0.00030 M Mg[OH]2 b. [H3O+]=acidic or basic?

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    (H^+)(OH^-) = Kw = 1E-14
    You know (OH^-). Calculate (H^+). When (H^+)=(OH^-)=1E-7 M the soln is neutral. If H^+ is greater the OH must be smaller and the soln is acidic. If OH is greater, H must be smaller and the soln is basic.


    Indicate whether each of the following is an acidic, basic, or neutral solution:

    A) [H3O+] = 6.0*10-12 M

    B) [H3O+] = 1.4*10-4 M

    C) [OH-] = 5.0*10-12 M

    D) [OH-] = 4.5*10-2 M

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