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A rectangle garden is 30 ft by 40 ft. Part of the garden is removed in order to install a walkway of uniform width around it. The area of the new garden is one-half the area of the old garden. How wide is the walkway?

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    Let the walkway have width w
    The new dimensions of the garden are

    (30-2w) x (40-2w)

    That's half of the original area, 30x40

    (30-2w)(40-2w) = 1/2 * 30*40
    1200 - 140w + 4w^2 = 600
    4w^2 - 140w + 600 = 0
    w^2 - 35w + 150 = 0
    (w-5)(w-30) = 0

    w=30 doesn't make much sense. No garden left
    w=5 means that the new garden is

    20x30 = 1/2 of 30x40

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    A farmer had a fence that encloses a square plot with an area of 36 meters squared. If the garnet uses this fence to enclose a circular flower garden, what will the area of the garden be?

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    Suzzanne wants to build a fence around her square garden . The garden measures 7 feet on each side . How much fencing material does she need?

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    The area of a square is 324 square yards.Find the amount of materialneeded to fence the garden

  • math word problem -

    The area of a square garden is 324 square yards find the amount of material needed to fence the garden

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    Mrs Martin wants to put a wire fence around her garden which is 15 ft long and 8 ft wide. How much fencing does she need?

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