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Religion plays a big part in people's daily life. The Christian and Catholic religion beliefs going to conformation, regular church services, Sunday school, and other church events. Members may also pray throughout the day at times such as before meals and before going to sleep. Islamic Faith believes in the five pillars they are, faith, prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage to mecca. Muslim should stop 5 times a day, whether it is work, play or sleep, and pray to Allah. These prayers are important because it is the second Pillar. Muslims are encouraged to fix their lives around the prayers, like holding off an errand, or rising earlier for the dawn prayer. The prayer times are before dawn, noon, afternoon, after sunset, and evening. Agnostics have no beliefs. However Agnostics are people who are in question of god's existence. They believe in reincarnation, abortion, birth control, gay marriage and everything that other religions listed above are against.

  • Proof read please hw help -

    1. Catholics are Christians!

    2. Agnostics do have beliefs! However, these beliefs are not God-centered, but human-centered.

    3. Agnostics have no set beliefs, so you can not make such ridiculous statements as you did in your last sentence. Agnostics do not believe in reincarnation!

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