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@20 degree solubility-22g Cu SO4/100g H2O

@ 20 degree C is 6g Cu SO4/25 g H2O saturated?

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    You REALLY should make more sense out of your posts AND clearly state the question. I was able to figure this out, I think, by looking at your first post plus this one. I THINK you are saying that the solubility of CuSO4 is 22g CuSO4 in 100 g H2O and you want to know if 6g/25 g H2O is a saturated solution or not. If I've misinterpreted the question please clarify and repost.
    22 g CuSO4 x (25g H2O/100 g H2O) = 5.5 grams; therefore, no more than 5.5 g CuSO4 will dissolve in the 25 g water. Thus the solution is saturated.

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