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i have to encapsulate 3 or 4 of canadas foreign polices of the decades of the 1960's and have to have thesis statement and all has to be in pictures/drawings that represent evidence that prove my thesis. teacher show us examples and posters were all drawings that represent words so i not have to write this out just draw this out and then i can put captions around the pictures. i look at one poster and it so beautifully done one person have their thesis statement drawn with canada flag holding hands with usa flag. It look so beautiful. then basically they have pictures drawn of NATO, Avro Arrow, technology and have captions by pictures. I doing decade 1960 i cant think of good thesis statement like the flag one it so very good.

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    You might consider Canada's refusal to allow U.S. nuclear warheads in Canada's far north. Another topic is Canada's relations with Cuba.

    This part of the Wikipedia article may also give you some ideas.

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    thank u ms. sue i say that very good idea and that when canada want to be independent on their own. i do more reasarch and be back with other ideas

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    Here's a slogan or caption you could use:

    "Cuba, Si! U.S. No!"

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    thanks very much ms. sue i like that slogan very much, i use it :)

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    You're welcome, Mohammad. :-)

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