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Ok my friend told me about John Hopkins Talent Search (for gr 7th and 8th) and like you take sat's and stuff. She said that I can't do it because this is for honor students only which is unfair. I don't believe her so I'm asking you guys is she is right. I did check the site but didn't say for honor students.

Here is a info on wat is is.

Talent Search and Testing
What is the CTY Talent Search?

CTY Talent Searches identify, assess, and recognize students with exceptional mathematical and/or verbal reasoning abilities. Students may participate in Grades 2-6 or Grades 7-8. Participation in the CTY Talent Search comes with a wealth of benefits.

Ready to apply?

Read the 2012 Talent Search brochure
Apply online or by paper ("fillable" pdf)
Locate the school code needed for your application
Access test center lists for all grades
Learn about your CTY test options
Testing information for students with disabilities

Please visit the TS Coordinator Guide page.

More CTY Talent Search information

Learn about CTY's Award Ceremonies
View CTY Insights
Attend a CTY Webinar
Attend a CTY Talent Search Information Meeting
Frequently Asked Questions

I made it to the honor roll for the 1st quarter (sooo close to principal)

my average is 93.50 and all of my teacher says that I work really hard and they are pround of me.

I join about 3 big contest and planning on this huge one gonna register.

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    I'm sure your friend is right. A talent search isn't looking for 93.5% averages. It's looking for 99% and 100% averages.

    We're all proud of you -- but that doesn't mean that you qualify for every honor. Besides, why would you want to take a test when you start out behind the other students who take this test?

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    idk I just want to try new things this year.

    but thanks anyway :(

    but if I bring my average to a 99 or 100 then I can participate?
    I have the form so I can sign up after the second quarter.

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    but if I bring my average to a 99 or 100 then I can participate?

    I have the form so I can sign up after the second quarter if i bring up that kind of average.

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    My guess is that you'd have to carry at least a 99% average for at least a year.

  • No, (read) -

    My friend got a 99 for th 1st quarter and her science teacher recommend her.

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    OK. Go for it! I hope you can get a 99% average and be recommended for this test.

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    Yup !!! :)

    I just have to work hard this quarter.

    Today I got a 95 on ss test
    94 on sci lab
    88 on math ntbk quiz

    so this quarter have to try VERY hard to bring my average high

    sci got a 80 bring that up to around a 95
    ss got a 91 (97 but went down) so try to pass the quartly exam
    math got 91 but hav 2 try bring that up to around a 95 or up

    english got a 99 bring it up over 100 if i try

    everything else im fine with (gym,art,music,content support)

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    Good job!

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    Read and reply my other post above.

    :) :) :)

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