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Physics Honors

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A punter in a football game kicks a ball from the goal line at 60° from the horizontal at 25 m/s. How far down field does the ball land?

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    the equation of motion for an object thrown from (0,0) at an angle θ with velocity v is

    y(x) = -g/(2v^2 cos^2 θ) x^2 + xtanθ

    the range (where y=0 again) is

    r = v^2 sin2θ/g

    the maximum height reached is

    h = v^2 sin^2 θ/2g

    So, we have
    θ = 60°
    v = 25

    r = 25^2 * sin 120°/9.8
    = 625 * 0.866 / 9.8
    = 55.2m

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