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I need some help with this question.
I need to find the measurement of M<1 in the diagram.
Sense I can't post the picture of the triangle, here are the numbres inside of it.

3x, 40degrees, and the number 1, highlighted in red, I'm assuming to let me know that's what I need to find.
next to the triangle, (outside of it) is an equation.
Can anyone help me with this?

  • Geometry - not yet -

    not yet. If the diagram is a triangle, just tell us which angles and which sides are labeled.

    If the angles are not labeled, call them A,B,C or something, and the opposite sides a,b,c.

    Then tell us the expression for each labeled angle or side.

    Just remember, the angles add up to 180 inside the triangle.

    At any given vertex, the inside angle and the outside angle form a line, so they also add up to 180.

    Who knows, you may even figure it out yourself.

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