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valerie placed 1.0g of salt into one beaker, 1.0g of soil into a second beaker, and 2.0g of sugar in a third beaker. She then added 200mL of water to each beaker and stirred the contents for 3 mintues. How many compounds and how many mixtures did Valerie make? Identify each. Explain whether a chemical or physical change took place in each beaker.

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    Tell me what your problem is in understanding this. Do you know the definitions of mixture, compounds, and chemical/physical changes?

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    i'm suppposed to be in 7th grade but they skipped me up to 8th

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    Good for you but that doesn't answer by questions. What do you not understand? Do you know the definitions? Perhaps I could help with the definitions?

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    i don't know the definitons because they are confusing.

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