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I had to tell what body part hurts after doing the following activity
1.watching too much television
Me duelen los ojos.
2.Eat too much candy Me duele el estomago.
3. drank too much after I ran Me duelen las piernas y pies y el estomago.
4. I walked ten miles Me duelen las piernas y los pies
5.Lifted weights Me duelen los brazos.

  • Spanish -

    3. piernas= legs, pies= feet, and stomach
    4. legs and feet
    5. brazos= arms

  • Spanish -

    I think I was suppose to put "A mí" in front of each of the me duele/me duelen responses or isn't it required?
    Thank you

  • Spanish -

    2. estómago must have accent mark

    3. also here = estómago


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