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Good titles that have something relates to super powers. You see I had this dream about me and my friends had super powers. I had the power of water, friend had the power of love and spring, other had the power of fire and other had the power of sun. This take place at bear mountian (class field trip'picnic). So I decided to write a story on it but I can think of a good title.

Here are my other titles for my other stories

Novels/Short Stories
1. The Fight for The Maiden's Heart
2. The Sea of Love
3. Make a Wish
4. Good Princess VS Bad Princess
5. The Sea of Friendship
6. First Kiss
7. Blossoming Feelings
8. Fall For You
9. Red Roses
10. The Key to Love
11. Love is Blind
12. The Power of Love
13. Forbidden Love
14. Sweet Reverage (squeal of a other story I wrote)

That part I just wanted to share it to you.

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    Like something relates to element powers and powers(water, fire, sun, spring, love), also friendship

    Does The Power of Friendship is good I'm thinking of more titles.

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    Super and Earthly Powers Lead to/Foster/Awaken...Love?

    Love DOES Spring Eternal. (the title has already been used.

    The Powers in Lovee


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    Thx Sra
    i going to use the first one sound's good ;)
    since u gave me that title now i' thinking of more titles


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