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Environmental Science

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Can someone please help me with this question because when I post this question earlier, some lady or tutor just gave me some links on where to find the answer and I had already did that and still couldn't find an answer? Here it is. Relate the Fourth Principle of Ecosystem Sustainability to: a. endangered species:, b. agriculture:, c. biotechnology:, d. medicine:

  • Environmental Science -

    "4. Maintain and, if possible, enhance, the quality of the environment. A sustainable community sees itself as existing within a physical environment and natural ecosystem and tries to find ways to co-exist with that environment. It does its part by avoiding unnecessary degradation of the air, oceans, fresh water, and other natural systems. It tries to replace detrimental practices with those that allow ecosystems to continuously renew themselves. In some cases, this means simply protecting what is already there by finding ways to redirect human activities and development into less sensitive areas. But a community may need to take action to reclaim, restore, or rehabilitate an already-damaged ecosystem such as a nearby wetland."

    All of these will be lost if we don't follow this principle.

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