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Problem 6.9
Lottery Number Generator
A lottery commission offers four different lottery games to play: Three-number, Four-number, Five-number and Five-number + 1 lotteries. Each game has independent numbers. Develop an application that randomly picks numbers for all four games and displays the generated numbers in a GUI. Declare a method that generates a random number based on a range given, and returns the random number as a String. The games are played as follows:
a) Three-number lotteries require players to choose three numbers in the range 0-9
b) Four-number lotteries require players to choose four numbers in the range 0-9
c) Five-number lotteries require players to choose five number in the range 1-39.
d) Five-number + 1 lotteries require players to choose five numbers in the range 1-49 and an additional number in the range 1-42.

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