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please help me write algebraic equation/ solution if membership for local zoo is $135, members do not pay admission but they are charged $3. to park . non-members admission is $25. for the zoo and $5. for parking. After how many visits have members and non-members paid the same amt? I believe answer is 5 visits
135 +( 5 x 3) = 5(25) + 5(5)
150 = 150

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    after n visits
    cost for members = 135 + 3n
    cost for non-members = 25n + 5n = 30n

    when is 30n = 135 + 3n ?
    27n = 135
    n = 135/27 = 5

    you are correct

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    tks Reiny, i am having problems with these equation set-ups.

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