To Sra

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Thank You Sra!!! :)

PARP stand for parents as reading partners

it was a reading contest

I join 3 contests this year reflections, battle of the books @ my school, and theis gift card contest. I working really hard :)

i was chosen to be in ladies club we did a lot of fun stuff like decorate for our school dance, help the poorr, throw a party :), be guards @ the science fair and much more. I had a wonderful time :)

My pricipal said that i'll get a lot of awards. I'll let you know what I got :)

umm .. sra i thought you was a man oop srry about that it's because of your name now i know your a woman.

this year I doing al district strings AGAIN :)

next year in gr 8th Im doing ladies club again and roots and shoots it's a club when you help the world :)

if you don't know what am I talking about Im talking my awards I show you.

  • To Sra -

    Sou nds like wonderful activities!

    Sra stands for señora because I have spent my life teaching Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Italian, Oral Communications, Drama and studying some 20 languages.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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