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My Grades (this is different)

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What is my grades for the first quarter? I didn't get my report card because my parents didn't go to the parents teacher conference so yeah but today my guides counselor show it to me (my grades for the first quarter) they didn't calculated my average.

Here are my grades:

English 7 - 99
Math 7 - 91
Science 7R - 80
Social Studies 7R - 91
Fine Art 7 (advanced class) - 100
Content Support 7c - P (passing)
Gym - A
Music - 100

to be in the honor roll - 89.5% (rounded to the nearest whole #)
to be in the principal list - 94.5% (rounded to the nearest whole #)

Also did I made it to the principal list or honor roll or BOTH ?

Ok I KNOW i wrote this yesterday like when I mean GPA like is it 3.5 or 4.0 something like that.

  • My Grades (this is different) -

    my average was 95 so is it 3.5, 3.4, or 4.0 ?

  • My Grades (this is different) -

    (99 + 91 + 80 + 91 + 100 + 100) / 6 = 93.5

    That's without Gym because I don't know what numerical value the school places on an A.

    I don't know how your school figures the GPA.

  • My Grades (this is different) -

    They will count my average for all of my classes.

  • My Grades (this is different) -

    what would be my average if they count all of my classes ?

  • My Grades (this is different) -

    the numreal is for gym for A is 90-100 so i have to ask my gym teacher then idk. On monday I'll ask my guidlines couclser for my average.

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