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What word best fits this sentence? Que necesitas para la clase de ciencias naturales?________ un diccionario! (Necesitamos) (Necesito) (Necesitan) (Necesita)

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    question was aimed at "tu" so the response would be from "yo"

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    Many students have difficulty in answering questions, so here is what I suggest, and no short cuts!
    1. look at the question in Spanish
    2. translate into English
    3. answer first in English
    4. now try the Spanish
    5. look at the Spanish answer and see if you can come up with the question that elicited (got) that answer. (That will be a later, more sophisticated exercise)


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    What word best fits this Sentence. ¿Dónde están Uds.? (Está) (Estás) (Estoy) (Estamos) en la clase de ciencias naturales.

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