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Is 8th grade is hard?

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    Each grade gets tougher as you go allow. For me 8th grade was not that bad. The grades that you get in 8th grade do not go towards your high school gpa unless you are taking a high school credit course. But, even so, you still want to try your best!

    If you are in 8th grade or going to be Good Luck!!

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    what kind of awards will they give out tho?

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    are you talking about 8th grade in school? No school just gives out awards. You can sometimes get awards if you participate in sports such as track, softball, etc.

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    yes 8th grade in school

    besides since you graute gr 8th did you got any awards?

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    if you expect the award for spelling or clarity, you got a lot of work to do . . .

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    Whether or not there are awards will depend upon the school district, the particular school, perhaps even the teacher of your class. If you have the opportunity to talk to some of the "upper classmen" they will tell you how it was for them.

    Sometimes the only reward is YOUR knowing that you did your best! But perhaps that is the "highest" reward, because it will give you self-confidence and that's worth a lot!


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    It is really hard for a second grade student like me.

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