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"English peoples lives were not affected very much by the building of castles." To what extent do you agree?
how am I meant to start?
what should I say?

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    You first have to decide if most English people were affected by the building of castles. What do you think?

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    yes they were affected. these are some bad points, English peoples houses were pulled down, they were often made to work as slaves, families who lost their homes had to look after themselves and there were troops of heavily armed Norman knights riding through there towns and villages, men had the power of life or death over them. here are some good points, each castle provided work for the English, huts and houses were built attracting further settlers like traders and innkeepers and some English people still had castles left.
    do these points help?

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    Yes, they certainly do help. I don't think any of them were slaves, but many people were serfs, just a little better than slaves.

    You can start with this statement:

    English people were affected by the building of castles.

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