Computer Club Ideas (please read)

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Is there any sites for middle or high schoolors can do for computer clubs like any sites on making fun videos or movies, making amnination, putting drawing into computers to make your own comic books (girls and boys), ways to make a websites or a video yearbook.

Please this is for computer club we have to write down any ideas we can do this year I need some sites. Please

Thank You!!!

  • Computer Club Ideas (please read) -

    to make animation well there anime studio
    and you can make your drawing in photo shop there premiere to make videos that's all but idk if there free...

  • Computer Club Ideas (please read) -

    Do you know any sites for these or no you don't know.

  • Computer Club Ideas (please read) -

    KIKI gave you three sites.

    Google: anime studio

    Google: photo shop

  • Computer Club Ideas (please read) -

    ms. sue do photoshop cost money? i try adobe photoshop but it not free i look for free software and not find to edit pictures.

  • Computer Club Ideas (please read) -

    at my school in computer we will do something that is FREE

  • Computer Club Ideas (please read) -

    I think you're right, Mohammad. I think you have to buy the Photoshop. However, I did find this site that says it's free.

  • Computer Club Ideas (please read) -

    wow ms. sue thanks for link i go explore that link now :) lots sites on side i not know about thanks very much

  • Computer Club Ideas (please read) -

    Thank You!!!!!

  • Computer Club Ideas (please read) -

    I found this site about photoship for kids ;)

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