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Name the complexes:

Write the formula for each of the following coordination compounds.
Diamminetetrahydroxochromte (II) ion
Bisethylenediaminediiodomanganese (IV) ion

I think the name for the first one is oxolatetrichlorovandiumate (IV) ion
The second one is? How do you know which ligand to name first?

The first one for the other is [Cr(NH3)2(OH)4]2-

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    Ligands are named in alphabetical order except where the di/tri/ etc designates substitution on the ligand (not the number used in the coordination sphere). So for the first one, chloro comes before oxalato and trichlor does not change the order. I would name that one
    I would name the second one as

    I would write the next two as
    All the rules have changed since I was in school so check these out carefully.

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    14A w/ Lavelle? :]

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    my discussion is tomorrow thanks guys ;)

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