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I am new here; say to everyone first.

Here is the a question for coding list box;

it has two part: first part: Create a project that stores personal information for a little electronic "black book"; the fields in the file should include name, phone number, pager number, cell phone number, voice mail number, and Email Address. allow the user to enter the data into text boxes. (This part is very easy, The trouble maker is in the second part).

second part: create a second project to load the names into a list box. perform a "Look Up" and display the appropriate information for the selected name.

The second part should be very easy to someone here; please write codes, I have stuck in the second part for couple of hours.

Thanks very much

  • VB -

    First of all, please identify the School Subject so we can easily recognize it. Look to the left above Grade Levels and select one of the School Subjects.


  • VB-College -

    Hi the School subjects is college level,

  • School Subjects - Computer -

    School Subjects - Computer

  • programming VB -

    I suggest you experiment with some coding and find out how VB works. If you have problems, post what you have tried, and we'll guide you where the problem is.
    Programming is learned a lot by
    1. learning in the classroom and lab
    2. reading textbook tutorial examples.
    3. experimentation (most important part)
    If we write the code for you, we deprive you of the experience you get from programming.

    Hope to see some code from you soon.

    Also, you are expected to write
    "computer-VB" in the school subject in the initial post.
    Not everyone knows what VB means.

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