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algebra the slope- intercept form

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Find the slope and y-intercept for the graph of each equation:

y=x-7 how would you solve this type of equation? i know that with an equation like: y=2x+4 that it would be m=2/1 and b=4. but how would you solve the first one.

  • algebra the slope- intercept form -

    If the equation of the line is given in the form :

    y = m x + b

    then m is the slope.

    In this case slope = 1

    A y-intercept is a point on the graph where x is zero.

    y = x - 7

    for x = 0

    y = 0 - 7

    y = - 7

    y-intercept = - 7

    For graph :

    Go on: wolframalpha dot com

    When page be open in rectangle type:

    y = x-7

    and click option =

    After few seconds you will see graph.

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