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The largest town square in the world is Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, covering 98 acres.
A. 1 sq mile is 640 acres. Assuming that the Tiananmen Square is a square, how many feet long is a side to the nearest foot?
B. To the nearest foot, what is the diagonal distance across the Tiananmen Square?

  • Alg 1 -

    640 acres = 640/98 square miles or 6.5306 square miles
    so each side is √6.5306 miles or 2.5555 miles

    diagonal^2 = 2.5555^2 + 2.5555^2 = 13.06122
    diagonal = √13.06122 = 3.614 miles

    I will leave it up to you to convert the above miles into feet

    BTW, the square would not be measured in feet, square miles or acres.
    They would use metres, and hectares
    China has been using the metric system for over 100 years.

  • Alg 1 -

    Errr. Am I misreading something here?

    98 acres = 98/640 = 0.153125 sq mi.
    That's a square 0.3913 mi on a side.
    That's 2066' on a side.
    The diagonal is 2066√2 = 2922 ft.

  • Steve is right - Alg 1 -

    sorry about that, of course Steve is right
    I divided the wrong way, had a "Rick Perry" moment.

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