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I got my Native Americans test back today during ss and I got a 77 (4 qs. wrong there was 10 mulitple and 13 reponse but my teacher think it will take for ever for us to do the test so we had to do all the multiple qs. and for the reponse qs. do 9 qs. and for the others it's extra credit i did one)

the 4 qs. was multiple choice i did to (involed with a story) with my mom and now I need your help on the other to.

My teacher said if I make corrections she'll change my grade.

Here are the qs.

3. What was the main advantage of the tepee?
a) it could house hundreds of people
b) it was a permanent home
c) it could be taken down and put up very quickly
d) it was difficult to carry

i choose a but got it wrong

6. Which dwelling would the Native Americans of the NYS region live in?
a) Pueblos
b) Igloos
c) Tepees
d) longhouse

i choose b but got it wrong

Please Help

Thank You!!! :)

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