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Which line in the poem contains an example of onomatopoeia?

A. Line 6
B. Line 7
C. Line 14
D. Line 15

Line 6: and you'll forget all about that broccoli you chop

Line 7: Rock candy looks like beautiful glass

Line 14: but spinach tastes all gritty and sandy

Line 15: Taffy is slurpy and sticky and sweet

I think it's line 15


    Just a minute, I have no idea as to the poem to which you refer. Please name the poem and the poet.

    Try some of the following links to onomatopoeia, if you're not sure what it is:



    ??? What king of question is this? This is just dumb... None are really onomatopoeia. If I were you, I would choose 15 because of slurpy, sticky, sweet, but if I was feeling dumb, I would make a letter E, write none of the above, and circle it

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